Standard Chartered: Be Ready to Change

\"Pelatihan-StanChart\"Bekasi. Whether you like it or not, change is the only permanent thing in life. That was the message that echoes throughout the “Corporate Alignment: Be Ready To Change” training. The full-day training, held on Saturday (18/10) at Rumah Perubahan’s training center, Bekasi was prepared for Standard Chartered Group Technical and Operation (GTO) division, which is currently undergoing a restructuring and reorganizing phase since April this year.

The training aimed to raise awareness on the importance of corporate alignment, as well as the pivotal role of leaders in connecting the goal of the company with the employees’ personal target. Facilitated by Prof. Rhenald Kasali, founder of Rumah Perubahan and Arif Munandar, a renowned human resource management consultant, participant went over sessions covering “Change Management”, “Self-Driving” and “Change Actions”.

On the second half of the event, participant participated in “Myelin-based Outbound”, an activity dedicated to the ‘Myelin’ or muscle memory on developing teamwork and leadership skills. One of the activity involved catching catfishes from a mud swamp, which many of the participant did not expect but thoroughly enjoyed.

“We are very delighted to participate in this training, and hope that our team will bring the lessons learned back to manage changes in their professional as well as their personal life.” Mr. Sugavana, Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Standard Chartered concluded at the end of the event.


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